Fan Clubs

It must be stated at the outset that the Mario Lanza Institute is not a fan club and does not participate in fan club activities on its own. We will on occasion provide data and information on Mario Lanza but for the most part leave this up to the fan clubs.

There are several Fan Clubs throughout the world. Although the Mario Lanza Institute does not have direct affiliation with these fan clubs we will list them in the event you would like to contact them. We will provide a separate page to each of the fan clubs throughout the world so that they may tell you about themselves. The contents of the fan club pages are their own, however the Mario Lanza Institute will not publish information that cannot be substantiated.



Mario Lanza Fan Club, Germany

Susan and Helmut Klee
Isselberger Str. 6
D-50733 Koln,  Germany



Mario Lanza Fan Club, Italy

GiGi Viciani……………………….President
Secretary………………… Simona Viciani

Honorary Members: Jose Carreras, Franco Corelli, Placido Domingo, Leo Nucci and Luciano Pavarotti.

We are a club that was formed and nourished with love and respect for the greatest voice ever known. We are based in Italy, not far from Milan. We have a radio show dedicated to opera and to Mario alike, that goes all over northern Italy. In addition to the radio program, Gigi holds concerts that are also dedicated to Mario and always includes songs that Mario has recorded.

The “Mario Lanza Fan Club Italiano”wishes to thank the Mario Lanza Institute for their in perpetuating Mario’s voice and for bringing this web site to fruition.

We welcome all those who would like to know more information to write us at:

Mario Lanza Fan Club Italiano
Via Italia 61, 7
27010 San Genesio ed Uniti (PV)

Our yearly fees are:
Regular membership: $17.00 for the USA
12 pounds for the UK
30,000 Italian lira

Supporter membership: $56.00 for the US
40 pounds for the UK
100,000 Italian lira
Student membership: $14.00 for the USA

10 pounds for the UK
25,000 Italian lira



The Mario Lanza Friends Society, The Netherlands

President………………. Henk Janssen
Vice President………….. Roel Beutec
Treasurer…………….. Henk van Dorp
Secretary……………….. Chris Janssen
2nd Secretary………… Dick Heddema

The Mario Lanza Benelux Society has been disbanded and a new society formed that we call “The Mario Lanza Friends Society”.


United States

The Mario Lanza Society of New York

3315 Avenue J
Brooklyn, New York, 11210
Bill Ronayne – President

Honorary members: Licia Albanese, Steve Cutler, Elaine Malbin, and Clyde Smith.

The Legacy of the Mario Lanza Newsletter
Published Quarterly by The Mario Lanza Society of New York
Subscription rates: $25.00/year within the USA, $30.00 outside the USA
Make all checks/money orders (US dollars only) payable to MLS of New York, LLC and mail to the address above. Foreign members may send US currency wrapped in foil via registered mail if they wish.

The Mario Lanza Society of New York is an international fan club devoted to the promotion and preservation of the memory of this legendary tenor. Founded in December of 1999 with over 200 members around the world, the club has received recognition and acknowledgment from key New York City officials as well as a proclamation from the Council of the City of New York.

There are four luncheons with live performances throughout the year and the club publishes a very well received 16 page newsletter called “The Legacy of Mario Lanza” that features interesting and informative articles on Lanza’s life and career, coverage of events in his honor, interviews with those that worked with him or saw him perform, and updates on new DVD and CD releases.

All are welcome to join regardless of where they live. In addition to the United States, we have members from Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Australia. Feel free to contact me anytime at the above e-mail address or through the mail.

My very best to you all.

Bill Ronayne



The Mario Lanza Fan Club, Russia

Lyuba Eveleva -President
15-757 Olympsky Prospect
Mitischi, Moscow District, Russia or



Opera Club de Paris – Mario Lanza

25/27 rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle
75009 Paris

Tél. : 01 42 80 32 42 et 01 80 50 20 47

Marcel Azencot, président
Alain Fauquier, vice-président
Cécile Bazet, secrétaire


United Kingdom

The British Mario Lanza Society

Pam Latham, Chairman & Treasurer
7 Cozens Lane West
Herts EN10 6QG