Rules to Apply for Scholarship | Application Form

Artists studying voice & music know all too well the importance of scholarships. The money received helps them continue their vocal studies and to prepare in other ways for a career in opera and/or concert stages. During Mario Lanza’s lifetime, he dreamed of establishing a scholarship program to help young vocal students realize their dreams. Mario’s untimely death in 1959 prevented him from seeing the dream become a reality.

In our dedication to keeping Mario’s dream alive, the Mario Lanza Institute Scholarship Program was established. During our 62-year history, the Mario Lanza Institute has awarded over 200 vocal scholarships to talented, aspiring young singers. The support and dedication of thousands over the years has been the lifeblood of the MLI Scholarship Program.

Applicants come from many parts of the U.S. and foreign countries. Each spring, the Institute’s Board of Directors, working together with the administrators of the competition, review the criteria for selecting applicants for the coming year. Applications are prepared and forwarded to various schools throughout the country and are provided to anyone who has the ability and desire to compete. A requirement for application is that the student must have a vocal/music study background. This may consist of either previous enrollment or current enrollment in a study program. Currently there is only one program category for ages 21 through 28. Prizes awarded are First Place: $2,000, Second Place: $1,500, and Third Place: $1,000.. This year the auditions will be held in September. A panel of judges chooses the winners who then sing in a Winner’s Concert and receive their awards. Hard work & dedication ensure the success of the MLI Scholarship Program. The Mario Lanza Institute is proud of the fact that all proceeds from various events go to fund the scholarship program, the museum and, ultimately, to keep Mario’s dream alive.

As stated earlier, it is the support & dedication of many through their contributions that are the lifeblood of the MLI Scholarship Program.

To learn more about the Scholarship Program, to make a donation, or to visit our location, you may call the Mario Lanza Museum at 215-238-9691.