The Student Prince

$12.00 plus S & H

The Student PrinceStudent Prince back cover


Mario Lanza: The Toast of Hollywood
30 tracks including many of Mario greatest hits plus first time releases from The Mario Lanza Radio Show of Lolita, Day In, Day Out, A Vucchella, For You Alone, I’ll Never Love You and I Love Thee. $13.99 + S & H.

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Be My Love $12.00 plus S& H

Opera Arias & Duets $12.00 plus S & H

Christmas with Mario Lanza
Mario Lanza sings some of the most beloved Christmas carols and religious song. $12.00 + S & H.

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Christmas With Mario Lanza (RCA) 20 assorted carols and songs. $12 plus S and H.


I’ll See You In My Dreams (BMG Special Products) 26 love songs. $12 plus S and H.


Live Concert & Radio Performances 1945-1950 (BMG Special Products) Rare recordings from radio and concert appearance by Mario Lanza, celebrating opera and song.


Below: Archival Recordings From Damon Lanza Productions
3 CDs (except Photo CD) for $25.00 with special bonus.

All The Things You Are: 26 selections from “The Mario Lanza Show” including spoken introductions by Mario Lanza and announcer Bill Baldwin. The CD features the newly discovered introduction to the “Student Prince Serenade” by Mario and a variety of love songs in English, Italian, and Spanish, operetta and Broadway favorites, and the spectacular English language version of “La donna e mobile.” All selections are in improved sound and taken from the original recordings before the audience applause track was added. (DLP ALL)

A number of assorted used Mario Lanza CD‘s are available at a reduced price.  Please call for price and titles.